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15 Low Cost Tips To Improve Your Property

Blog by Wayne Chaulk | August 16th, 2016


Wayne Chaulk


When preparing to sell your home, the goal is to sell it quickly at the highest price possible within the current market, while investing as little as possible in renovations. 

Tip #1:  Refresh the Exterior

Many buyers will not venture out of their car if they do not find the exterior appealing.  Painting trim, pressure washing vinyl siding and windows will simply improve the exterior.

Tip #2:  Tidy Lawn and Landscape

Home buyers associate the condition of your lawn and landscape with the interior of your home.  Keep the lawn mowed and edges tidy.  Weed flower beds and sweep walkways.

Tip #3:  Create an Inviting Entrance

A fresh coat of paint on the door, a new welcome mat and a colourful planter will make the entrance more inviting.

Tip #4:  Reduce Clutter and Furniture

A buyer cannot envision living in your home if they cannot see the house.  Remove clutter, clean countertops, put away magazines, books and even laundry.

Tip #5:  Clean, Clean, Clean

The cleanliness of your home also influences a buyer's perception of its condition.  In particular, bathrooms and kitchens must be spotless.

Tip #6:  Make Minor Repairs

The small stuff does count!  Without dismissing the importance of major repairs, focus on the small stuff:  repairing faucets, drawers, handles, painting trim, ceilings and walls.

Tip #7:  Showcase the Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen.  If you are going to spend any money on renovations, this area will be your greatest return.  Simple tips without a major investment:  improve the lighting, modernize light fixtures and change hardware.  Replacing counter tops and possibly a new sink will add a refreshing look to your kitchen.

Tip #8: Stage Furniture

Furniture placement is key to enhancing space.  Create cozy corners and turn an empty space into a reading area or a computer work-station.

Tip #9:  Light up the House

A bright house could the be the "right" house!  Open all window coverings.  Increase light bulb wattage for brightness.  From experience this is a very important tip to implement.

Tip #10:  Freshen up the Garage or Workshop

Make sure there is room for a vehicle!  Use shelving or wall units to store items.  Create space.

Tip #11:  Add Natural Touches

By displaying flowers, candles and fresh fruit you add colour and  style.

Tip #12:  De-personalize

Remove family photos and other personal items that potential buyers can't identify with.  It keeps them focused on the house and not the contents.

Tip #13:  Pets

Pets need to be kept under control or confined to a specific area.  Pet odours need to be eliminated and soiled areas cleaned.  Not all buyers are animal lovers.

Tip #14:  Backyard

If you're selling in the city or a town, buyers doing a drive by will try and look  into your backyard.  Include it in your curb appeal efforts.

Tip #15: Evening Curb Appeal

Buyers will quite often take a drive in the evening.  Lighting is once again the key here.  Porch lighting and lanterns enhance the property's appearance.


There are plenty of ways to update and renovate your property without breaking the bank.  The trick is to select a few key areas and be creative.  The Chaulk Team will provide you with a personal consultation on how to best present and stage your property.  Give us a call to set up an appointment for us to meet with you to discuss your unique situation.